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Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of the juice of fruits, usually grapes. Although a number of other fruits such as plum, elderberry and blackcurrant may also be fermented, only grapes are naturally chemically balanced to ferment completely without requiring extra sugars, acids, enzymes or other nutrients. Non-grape wines are called fruit wine or country wine. Other products made from starch based materials, such as barley wine, rice wine, and sake, are more similar to beers. Beverages made from other fermentable material such as honey (mead), or that are distilled, such as brandy, are not wines.

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White wines from aromatic, richly sweet dessert wines to light, racy wines ideal for sipping over lunch in the sunshine, you'll find all styles here.

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Chardonnay - This is the most popular white grape variety. The wine produced is usualy aged in oak barrels and has a buttery flavor.

Chenin Blanc - This primarily French grape is used in the production of wine that is a highly acidic and can range from very dry to very sweet.

Pinot Gris / Pinot Grigio - A very wide variety of styles are used in producing wine that varies between dry, sweet, spicy and often with a hint of honey.

Colombard - This grape produces a crisp, every day wine with tropical fruit aromas.

Garganega - This grape is the main ingredient in the well know Soave wines. This wine is fresh and tangy and likened to green apples.

Gewurztraminer - The most intensely aromatic of all wines. The aromas are of florals and spice.

Muller Thurgau - An earlier ripening grape, popular in cooler climates with shorter seasons.

Muscat - Produces the only wine to actually smell of grapes. This wine can have a variety of styles and is popular in sparkling wines.

Pinot Blanc - Highly acidic and low sugar levels resulting in a dry, crisp wine.

Cabernet Franc - A relative of Cabernet Sauvignon but is usually used in blends.

Reisling - This grape produces a low alcholic wine with sharp acidity. Depending on the fermentation process it can be either sweet or dry.

Sauvignon Blanc - These grapes produce a wine which is both pungent and tangy.

Torrontes - The popular white grape from Argentina. It produces a highly aromatic wine.

Trebbiano - A very mild grape producing a neutral wine that won't interfere with most foods.

Verdelho - This grape is transformed into a rich, white wine with the taste of limes.

Viognier - A low acid wine with floral aromas and an apricot quality. It is so richly aromatic that even though it is dry, it seems sweet.